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Who has time to read the news?

We don't! Ever find it tedious and time consuming to seek out pieces of the news, relevant to your friends and family? We have. Make your friends and family do it for you (or, if you're that person, do it for your friends and family).

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Find news, relevant to your friends

Ever feel disconnected because you have no idea what your friends are talking about? Follow your friends to see the news stories they're reading.

Easy organization and filtering

Want to see the wire of consciousness from all users? Just those you follow? Just a single person? Filter out the noise.

Web, Mobile, and Ethereal

Nah, we don't beam thoughts to your mind. Yet. View the important news on your phone or desktop.

Mark news, relevant to you

Tell your followers what you're paying attention to. Earmark stories and articles that you care about, so your friends can stay in the loop!

Drop dead easy article tagging

Drag our easy-to-use bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar and just browse around! When you find an article you like, share it.

Be your friends' trendsetter

Be the person the sets the tone of your late night discussions, dinners, and hangouts. Rock that conversation topic.