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We are different people in our spare time. We read news and browse the web in our own unique way. Not all of it, we remember. See what your friends are up to, what they're interested in, what piques their curiosity.

Filter out the relevant information. View the entire wire of consciousnous from our users, view interests from individual friends, or groups of friends. Filter it out however you'd like.

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We have tools to help you share the articles and news you're interested in with the people that really matter.

Drag the bookmarklet into your bookmark bar and click it whenever you're on a page you find noteworthy. Maybe there's a cute cat. Maybe there's an inspiring story. Maybe an astounding fact. Who cares. Click the "Kick It" bookmarklet to share it.

Enter a URL in your profile page to grab the article information to share with your friends. That easy.

Bring your friends together over common knowledge

Someone in your group into politics? Someone in your group into art? Programming? Film? Fine dining? World events? Science?

Any of the other thousands of newsworthy topics out there? See what they're up to so you can find more to chat (or argue) about the next time you all meet up.

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